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Open Garden, a mobile software startup in San Francisco is looking to fill positions able to make substantial contributions to the development of our core technology.

We are working on a peer-to-peer overlay wireless mesh network that provides Internet access. Open Garden is agnostic with respect to the underlying data link technology and can currently use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct.

Are you interested in peer-to-peer networking and what it brings for mobile? Let's talk.

We are very small, yet have significant traction with well over 3 million installs, extensive press coverage, industry deals, etc. The project has also non profit goal to advocate Net Neutrality, so a taste for helping to preserve these principles is appreciated.

Open positions

Engineers and developers
  • Minimum 5 years of experience with network programming in C
  • Minimum BA in CS or another technical field
  • Demonstrated ability to write complex network code: e.g., a high-performance event loop
  • Experience in implementing a protocol specification, e.g., an RFC
Bonus points
  • Experience with startup environment
  • Contributing or leading protocol development, e.g., co-authorship or lead authorship of IETF drafts or another form of specification
  • Experience with peer-to-peer systems
  • Experience with mobile development
  • Being based in or near San Francisco
  • Contributions to open-source projects
  • Knowledge of Objective C, Java, or Ruby

Are you interested in tackling unique engineering problems? Do you live and breathe Android? If so, we would like to hear from you! We are looking for experienced developers to help push Fire Chat on Android to the next level. This is not an entry-level position and we need to see examples of Android apps you have developed.

  • 2+ years experience coding on Android
  • Experience shipping one or more Android apps, ideally available on Google Play
  • Strong Java experience
  • Proficient using Eclipse
  • Work closely with our iOS and design team to produce an application that flows seamlessly and works intuitively with our users
  • Experience with peer-to-peer or Mesh networking systems a big plus
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or the equivalent
  • Deep understanding of iOS design language
  • Experience with iOS UI paradigms
  • Familiarity with Xcode Interface Builder
  • Front-end iOS development experience a huge plus

Architectural oversight for the front end, establishing best practices and guidelines, and active hands on development. Development with a focus on reusability and consistency. End to end design of large scale projects that focus on user centered design aspects. Conception and creation of design solutions that address both primary user goals as well as business goals. Refine, maintain, and enforce our current design guidelines and strategies across all platforms. Develop and maintain detailed UI specifications, templates, and code. Work collaboratively as part of a team that includes visual UX designer, business analyst, technical chief architectural, and software engineers.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or the equivalent.
  • Experience in prototyping wearable devices required (e.g. Google Glass and devices which interact with the Internet Of Things), field testing CoreLocation and CoreMotion frameworks.
  • 4 years experience doing UI/Front-end development with a solid knowledge of Objective C/ mySQL and in building iOS mobile applications.
  • Knowledge of C++/QT/Swift.
  • Understanding of implementing responsive design techniques.
  • Ability to produce and maintainable scalable code.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and automated testing strategies.

Principals only To confirm you are an actual candidate rather than a recruiter, you can solve this puzzle. While not a requirement, we will give priority consideration to candidates supplying a solution.

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Can you find a subset of these areas where a total of exactly 100,000,000 people live, assuming the census estimates are exactly right? Provide the answer and code or reasoning used.

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