Our family of apps

Open Garden

  -   for Android, Windows + Mac

Open Garden is a wireless mesh networking application. It provides the best possible Internet connection for your devices, and automatically shares it among them. You'll experience increased speed and coverage, by joining other Open Garden devices, and being able to receive data from Bluetooth, WiFi, and 3/4G at the same time.


  -   for iOS and Android

Chat with everyone around you, even when there's no Internet connection available. It just works and it’s free. Whether you’re on the beach, camping, at recess, watching a big game, doing business on the street, or attending a company meeting, simply fire up the app with a friend, or add a few to start a group chat.

WiFi Opener

  -   for Android

WiFi Opener allows you to automatically connect to password protected networks shared with the community. WiFi Opener is especially useful in public spaces like parks, coffee shops and at large gatherings like conferences where the Wi-Fi network is meant to be open but is password protected.

WiFi Keychain

  -   for Android

WiFi Keychain keeps your Wi-Fi network information up to date across all of your devices. Tired of typing the same password over and over? Install WiFi Keychain and all of your devices are automatically configured! Finally!

WiFi Hotspot

  -   for Android

WiFi Hotspot provides users with a timer for their personal hotspot. Setting a timer for tethering helps to save on battery life, with the additional advantage of providing a much simpler interface for tethering functionality than going through the Settings menu. Never let your hotspot drain your battery again!


  -   for Android

JuiceBot calculates battery usage more accurately than Android, so you really know who's drinking your juice.