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What are eSIMs

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An eSIM is an electronic SIM card.  It mean that rather than using a physical simcard that is inserted to your phone to connect to a network, you can simply download a connection that will already work on your device.  This means travelers can activate a second sim profile on their phone, and switch to it when they land in a new country, saving on expensive roaming charges.

Will eSIMs work on my smartphone?

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You need a compatible.  Check here for the latest list of device our product will work with.  Most of the latest Apple and Google Pixel devices are eSIM ready.


Can I make phone calls when I travel?

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Yes, but you will need to use an app like WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime.  Our eSIMs are a data only service.

I'm not traveling yet. When will the data validity start?

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Don't worry, the clock won't start ticking until you land in the first country that is covered by the product that you buy.  For example, if you buy a product for Europe, the validity will commence when you land in your first European destination.  If you are in Europe when you buy it, the clock will start straight away.  However, if you download the eSIM for Europe whilst you are in the USA, the package won't commence until you land in Europe.

How long will my data last?

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Our free data messaging product will last 30 days.

Our travel data passes come in various packages with different durations of validity.  You can select the duration you need for your trip as you purchase the product.

How long do I have use my eSIM after I buy it?

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You have 12 months to activate your eSIM before it will expire.  After you activate the eSIM, the package will be available for you to start using for 12 months after the date that you activate it.  The  number of days of validity of the package will not commence until you land in the first country included in the package that you bought.

What data speed should I expect?

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On our Free Unlimited Messaging packages, the eSIM operates on 2G speeds.  This is suitable for messaging only, such as sending WhatsApp or iMessages messages to your friends.

Our Mobile Internet Passes operate at faster speeds, typically 4G LTE.  This will enable a service like you are used to using everyday.  It allows music and video streaming, web surfing, handling email, using map, booking taxis, hotels and restaurants.

What will happen when my data runs out?

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You will need to purchase a new package here on the Open website to continue to use data services.

Will my device work in another country?

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If you have one of our compatible smartphones, tablets or watches it will work in a foreign country if you use a compatible eSIM or SIM that is prepared for the networks in that country.

Activating my eSIM

What is a QR code?

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A QR code is an image that you will need to scan with the camera of your phone in order to load the eSIM profile onto your smartphone. 

Why do you need it?  It is unique, like a fingerprint, and creates a secure profile on your device that can be used to connect to a cellular network.

The Code below is an example only.

How long will the activation take?

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Typically it will take less than five minutes after you receive the QR code from Open.  It requires you to enter a few steps into the setting of your device.  Then your eSIM will activate.  Your plan will not start drawing on its data validity period until you travel to a country in your plan.

How do I activate the eSIM exactly? Step by step guides.

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Click here to see our online guides for the most popular devices.

If we haven't covered the device you are using, you can check the site of your manufacturers for their eSIM guides. 

Unlimited Free Messaging when you travel

Is it really "free"?

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It really is free!  No charge at all.  It is our way of introducing you to the many options that you have to stay connected with us when you travel.  

Why do I need to provide payment card details if the Unlimited Free Messaging has no charge?

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By law, most providers of telecommunication products must capture some data about the people using their service.  Capturing payment card information achieves this for us.

It also makes it easier for you to purchase again quickly and easily later, instead of wasting your precious traveling time.

What is 2G speed?

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2G speed is low in bandwidth.  This means that it is suitable only for transmitting small amounts of data, such as messaging and voice calls on your favorite messaging app.  It works with iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger and Skype and similar messaging applications.

It isn't suitable for downloading images, videos, maps and it won't work with many of your apps.  You will need one of our Mobile Internet passes for those applications which you can buy here.

4G LTE Mobile Internet Passes for travelers

What are the 4G LTE Mobile Internet Passes?

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Mobile Internet Passes allow higher speed, usually 4G LTE internet access to your device whilst you travel.  This enables the same kind of usage that you expect at home when you travel, such as:  streaming video, listening to music, downloading, email sending and receiving, using the apps on your phone, booking taxis, restaurants, flights and hotels. 

Upgrading to a Mobile Internet Pass from the Unlimited Free Messaging plan.

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You can purchase an upgrade at any time when you are traveling by one of two ways.

1.  Return to the Open website and purchase a new bundle.  

2.  We will send you messages to your Unlimited Free Messaging profile which contain links to a shortcut that enables you to click on the link and connect back to the stored profile that we have if you registered with us online.

If I upgrade, will my original Unlimited Free Messaging continue.

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Your messaging will work on your new upgraded Mobile Internet Pass.  After your Mobile Internet Pass expires it will return to your Unlimited Free Messaging plan.  The 30 day validity of the Unlimited Free Messaging plan will not reset though.

Can I turn my eSIM on and off?

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Yes you can.  In the settings in most devices, you can enable or disable any of you eSIM profiles to make sure you are using data from the plan you want to.  

For example, when you travel you may wish to turn off your normal SIM profile and enable your eSIM profile only as your primary line to avoid expensive roaming charges from your operator.

Before you travel you may wish to disable your travel eSIM profile, and only turn that on when you arrive in the first country of your trip.

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Compatible devices check

Our eSIMs work with the following UNLOCKED smartphones & tablets.

iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max.  Excluding devices sold in China.   

Apple iPads (with Cellular versions only) 7th gen., Apple iPad Pro, Apple iPad Air 3rd gen., iPad mini 5th gen. 

Google Pixel Series 2 (USA version only), Series 3 & Series 4

Motorola RAZR, Moto G6 & Moto X4.  Dual Sim versions only.

Samsung Smartphones:  Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, Fold & Flip Z

LG G7 ThinQ, LG V35 ThinQ.  Dual SIM versions only.  

Microsoft Surface Tablet Pro (5th Gen)


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